scholarship-photo-editedJoseph Frazer is a journalist, born and raised in San Diego, California. Growing up with the beach as one of his closest outlets, and the mountains and desert not much farther away, Frazer instinctively took to the world of action sports. Surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross, downhill MTB, etc. Frazer loves it all. Now at 24-years-old with a Journalism degree from San Diego State University, Frazer is pursuing a career in the industry he loves; documenting, and most importantly still participating in the continued progression of action sports. He is currently teaming up with Surf Education Academy to breathe life into new projects such as Surf Park Magazine and Adaptive Surfing Magazine.


While attending SDSU, Frazer was Vice President of the Professional Studies and Fine Arts College’s Civil Core organization where he was head of a campaign committee and collaborated with the organization’s executive board, hosting events, fundraisers and getting involved to create a campus-wide pledge of kindness among students, faculty and staff.

DSC_0339Frazer was also the Marketing and Media Intern at the International Surfing Association in La Jolla where he helped manage the non-profit’s social media accounts and website. There he communicated and highlighted the events and achievements of the 92 surfing federations around the world that the ISA considers to be members. This includes working in different languages than English, primarily Spanish.

Working as an Editorial Intern for TransWorld Media in the past, he transcribed and edited interviews with surf industry icons and was published in an issue of TransWorld SURF reaching an audience of more than 100,000 people. “Action sports are the passion of millions of people, bringing them together can be a strong catalyst for world change!” Frazer hopes to continue his editorial journey in the action sports industry, telling the stories that need to be heard and bridging the gap between athletes and fans.


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